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Vada Pinson
this sleek center fielder


Hall of Fame Should Be's ... Vada Pinson


Why Vada Pinson Should Be In The Baseball Hall Of Fame.

  1. Vada Pinson retired with 2,727 hits … more than 97 current Hall of Famers, including Goose Goslin, Billy Williams and Ernie Banks.

  2. Vada Pinson had 485 career doubles … more than 99 current Hall of Famers, including Zack Wheat, Reggie Jackson and Jimmie Foxx.

  3. Vada Pinson had 1,170 career RBIs … more than 64 current Hall of Famers, including outfielders Earl Averill, Tony Gwynn and Ricky Henderson.

  4. Vada Pinson’s .286 career batting average is higher than 30 current Hall of Famers, including Carl Yastrzemski, Yogi Berra and Dave Winfield.

  5. Vada Pinson was a class act who deserved more recognition during his career and deserves baseball immortality now.

During the 1960s, Vada Pinson hit well year after year, played nearly every day without injury or rest, and this slick center fielder provided Gold Glove defense. His record for hitting consistency over nearly two decades is unmatched by most of the current Hall of Fame outfielders.

Look at his record. And then tell me …

What’s keeping Vada Pinson out of Cooperstown?