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Bobby Richardson


Hall of Fame Should Be's ... Bobby Richardson


Why Bobby Richardson Should Be In The Baseball Hall Of Fame.


  1. Bobby Richardson has more hits (13) in a World Series (1964) than any other major league player.

  2. Bobby Richardson has more RBIs (12) in a World Series (1960) than Hall of Fame Yankees Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra and Lou Gehrig.

  3. Bobby Richardson won 5 Gold Gloves at second base … more than Hall of Fame Gold Glove infielders Nellie Fox, Wade Boggs and Cal Ripken.

  4. Bobby Richardson collected 1,432 career hits … more than 8 current Hall of Fame members.

  5. Bobby Richardson was the second base anchor for 7 pennant-winning teams in his 12-season career.


With his bat or his glove, Bobby Richardson was money in the bank for the Yankees at World Series time. In the 1960 Series, he batted .367 with a .667 slugging percentage, a performance that earned him the Series MVP despite the fact that the Pirates won the Series. He hit .391 in the 1961 World Series. In the 1964 World Series, his record 13 hits came with a .406 batting average.

Look at his record. And then tell me …

What’s keeping Bobby Richardson out of Cooperstown?