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Celebrating the players and teams that helped make the 1960s “Baseball’s Real Golden Age.”
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These are the Players Who Made the 1960s Baseball's Real Golden Age ...

The 1960s were full of flat-out great players.

There were plenty of outstanding hitters playing in the 1960s. Willie Mays, Hank Aaron and Roberto Clemente put up awesome numbers throughout the decade, and would fill an All-Star outfield in any era. But they weren’t the only batters wreaking havoc with major league pitching during the 1960s. The decade was loaded with great hitters: Hall of Famers like Mickey Mantle, Frank Robinson, Harmon Killebrew, Willie McCovey, Ernie Banks, Lou Brock, Al Kaline, Billy Williams, Carl Yastrzemski. And, for one reason or another, the outstanding hitters of the 1960s include a collection of non-HOFers, players like Tony Oliva, Tony Conigliaro, Ron Santo and Vada Pinson. The 1960s showcased great hitters whose accomplishments were all the more impressive when you understand the quality of the pitching they faced.

And the pitching of the 1960s was frequently dazzling. Consider that, since 1920 (and the end of the “dead ball” era), the combined major league earned run average has been under 3.00 only once … in 1968 (2.98). During the 10 seasons of 1960s, the combined major league ERA was under 4.00 every year except 1961 (4.02). As a barometer of that performance, consider that, in 2008, the combined major league ERA was 4.32 (and hasn’t been less than 4.00 since 1992).

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