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Player Profiles - Minnesota Twins

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Allen, Bernie

Allison, Bob

Battey, Earl

Boswell, Dave

Cardenas, Leo

Carlton, Steve

Chance, Dean

Grant, Jim

Green, Lenny

Hall, Jimmie

Hands, Bill

Hardy, Carroll

Hisle, Larry

Hundley, Randy

Kaat, Jim

Killebrew, Harmon

Kindall, Jerry

Kline, Ron

Koosman, Jerry

Kralick, Jack

Mincher, Don

Nixon, Russ

Oliva, Tony

Pascual, Camilo

Pearson, Albie

Perranoski, Ron

Perry, Jim

Post, Wally

Power, Vic

Ramos, Pedro

Rollins, Rich

Roseboro, John

Sievers, Roy

Stigman, Dick

Tiant, Luis

Tovar, Cesar

Uhlaender, Ted

Versalles, Zoilo

Williams, Stan

Wynn, Early

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