1960s Baseball
Celebrating the players and teams that helped make the 1960s “Baseball’s Real Golden Age.”
Top 10 Lists

There was a talent explosion during the 1960s. Not even the expansion of the major leagues from 16 to 20 teams (24 by the end of the decade) could dilute the deep pool of talented pitchers and hitters who populated major league rosters.

The biggest reason for the talent explosion was baseball's integration starting in 1947. Throughout the 1950s, more and more players of color were making everyday contributions to their teams, some making Hall of Fame caliber contributions. As more talented African-American and Latin players reached the major leagues, they improved the level of competition throughout baseball. Their integration into the national pastime was a process that evolved throughout the 1950s. Its impact was in full force from the beginning of, and throughout, the 1960s.

All of which is to justify the validity of one or more Top 10 lists for ranking 1960s baseball talents. Every category has its "automatics" and its surprises. These lists are fun to compile, and worth debating, if for no other reason than they reinforce how strong and deep the talent pool was in the 1960s.

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