1960s Baseball
Celebrating the players and teams that helped make the 1960s “Baseball’s Real Golden Age.”
Yankees Heroes

If you love Yankees baseball,
you'll love Yankees Heroes.

These were the heroes who owned the summers of the 1960s. 

Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford.

Bobby Murcer and Mel Stottlemyre.

Ralph Terry and Bobby Richardson.

Luis Arroyo and Roger Maris.

During the summers of the 1960s, the heroes of the Bronx wore Yankees pinstripes. On their best days (which, after 1964, were admittedly too few), they were entertaining and inspiring. They smote hated rivals and sent more of their best talent to the All-Star game than any other American League team.

They were gods among mortals. Men among boys.

Yet on their worst days, these Yankees heroes broke our hearts, squandering late-inning leads and pre-season expectations … but what they never lost was our devotion.

They were the heroes of our youth. Now their stories are collected in

Yankees Heroes: Remembering the New York Yankees Who Helped Make the 1960s Baseball’s Real Golden Age.

The book profiles the best (and a few of the worst) of the New York Yankees of the 1960s. In all, there are 63 profiles of the infielders, outfielders, catchers and pitchers who played for the 
New York Yankees in the 1960s.

Do you remember …

The hard-throwing right-hander who led the American League in wins in 1962? (page 106)

The Gold Glove second baseman who was a 5-time All-Star and a World Series Most Valuable Player? (page 20)

The shortstop who won 1962’s Rookie of the Year but finished that season (and his career) in left field? (page 44)

The All-Star outfielder who led the American League in RBIs (and a couple other categories) in 1961? (page 40)

The hard-luck right-hander who was baseball’s biggest loser until he joined the Yankees bullpen … and saved the 1964 pennant? (page 97)

The slugging outfielder who last pitched for the Yankees … and never allowed a career earned run? (page 31)

The bullpen ace who won 15 games in relief in 1961 (and saved 29) … but won only 2 more games in his career? (page 67)

The hard-hitting outfielder who was the 1962 American League MVP … despite missing 30 games? (page 38)

The Hall of Fame left-hander who didn’t have a 20-win season until the age of 32? (page 83)

The Yankee right-hander who won 20 games three times in the 1960s … and lost 20 once? (page 104)

Their stories are here.

Enjoy the memories.


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