Cov Crashes the Party


Glancing Back, and Remembering Wes Covington

Wes Covington was a strong man and a powerful hitter. He worked from an unorthodox batting stance where he held the bat behind him nearly parallel to the ground, then coiled it just before crushing unsuspecting fastballs. Continue reading

What’s the Catch?


The Glove Club: Del Crandall

If you were going to “build” the catcher you needed in the 1950s, you couldn’t have worked from a better prototype than Del Crandall.

His defense was superb. He was mostly head-and-shoulders above his National League counterparts during the 1950s and into the 1960s. Continue reading

Standing Tall at Short


Glancing Back, and Remembering Jose Pagan

Jose Pagan spent 15 years in the National League, primarily at shortstop, primarily because of his defensive prowess. The Puerto Rican-born Pagan was also a flexible asset to a major league roster, as at some point in his career he played every position except pitcher. Continue reading

NL All-Stars Turn Up the Heat; Perry Prevails


This Week in 1960s Baseball

(July 12, 1966) In St. Louis, the National League All-Stars edged the American League 2-1, in a game played at Busch Stadium in 105-degree weather. Continue reading