About 1960s Baseball

A Brand of Baseball You Won’t Find Today.

Great Pitchers

Some of the best in major league history. The 1960s featured the lowest combined ERA in the modern era.


Great Power Hitters

Mays, Maris, Aaron, Mantle, Killebrew, McCovey, Robinson … the list goes on and on. More than 40% of the hitters with 500 or more career home runs played during the 1960s.




Great Pennant Races … when pennant races really mattered!

carl_yastrzemski_BAZ_63Of the 20 pennant races during the 1960s (10 per league), 6 were decided by 2 games or less. There were no wild cards back then – just real league champions in the World Series.



Great October Classics

mazeroski_homer_wins_it_61And what World Series they were! From Mazeroski’s walk-off homer that won the 1960 World Series to dominating October pitching of Koufax and Gibson and Lolich to the New York Mets’ miracle run in 1969, it was a decade of drama that’s never been matched.



1960sbaseball.com brings back baseball the way it was meant to be played.

  • No Designated Hitters.
  • No Steroids.
  • No Free Agents.
  • No Labor Strikes.
  • No Facial Hair.

It was “pure” baseball before the lawyers and agents took over. (When MM stood for Mickey Mantle, not Marvin Miller.)mickey_mantle_JAY_61



For baseball fans of any era, this is the place to re-live 1960s baseball heaven.

Enjoy the memories.

  1. I absolutely agree. I grew up watching MLB during the 60’s. The moral fiber and player caliber of today’s players can not match those who played in the 60’s. Glitter and glamor cosmetic baseball with overpaid and pampered athletes is where it’s at. No comparison.

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