Theirs Was the Power and the Glory. The Thrill Was Ours.

Celebrating the Power of Baseball in the 1960s

Legends of Swing: The Home Run Hitters of the 1960s

These guys were the best sluggers of the 1960s … and every pitcher’s biggest fear.

Killebrew. Aaron. Mays. Robinson. McCovey.

These five players hit over 3,000 home runs between them for their careers. They hit more than 1700 – between them – during the 1960s.

ernie_banks_FLEER_63And they were not alone. Howard, Cash, Banks, Mantle, Cepeda. And 50 more sluggers whose talent for circling the bases on one swing are celebrated in Legends of Swing.

Baseball’s great age of pitchers also produced some of the game’s greatest home run hitters.

Not since baseball introduced a new “lively” ball in 1920 had the game seen the quality of pitching that batters faced during the 1960s.

ERAs across the major leagues have never been as low as they were during the 1960s. (And collective earned run averages haven’t come close since the 1960s.) From Hall of Fame aces to bullpen hangers-on, pitchers dominated that decade.

And yet …

During the 1960s, an army of sluggers generated home runs and RBIs as if they were facing the pitching of the 1930s.

They set home run records, by the season and by the bushel. They hit for power and average (1968 excepted) in two-hour games against pitchers who were expected to complete what they started … and, more often than not, did.

vada_pinson_JAY_65It was a different kind of baseball than what is played today. It was “pure” baseball, without face hair or free agents or performance-enhancing chemistry.

Legends of Swing celebrates that era, and the home run hitters who helped make it memorable. It profiles the 60 players who hit the most home runs during the 1960s, and tips its hat to ten more who didn’t play enough in the 1960s to make it among the top 60.



Legends of Swing brings you a lineup of sluggers no pitcher in his right mind would dare to face.

In fact, Legends of Swing could have been titled “A Pitcher’s Nightmare.” That’s what each of these guys was in his prime.

They lived for power, and made careers on turning pitchers’ mistakes into souvenirs.

In Legends of Swing, you’ll meet the 60 most prolific home runs hitters of the 1960s, and discover …





The slugger who led the American League in home runs five times during the 1960s … but never hit 50 in a season (page 16)








The Hall of Fame outfielder who hit twice as many home runs when his team moved down the river (page 144)








The slugging first baseman who had the highest single-season batting average of the 1960s …  and the seventh-most home runs (page 42)







The rookie who barely made it out of spring training, and then finished the season with 33 home runs and 80 RBIs (page 224)








The outfielder who hit the most home runs in the major leagues from 1958-1962 … and he wasn’t a Yankee (until the very end of his career) (page 68)



You’ll find the record setters who sent fastballs flying …





The four-time home run champion who hit more home runs in the World Series than anyone else in baseball (page 50)







The first baseman who once hit five grand slams in a season … and back-to-back slams in one game (page 114)







The National League batter who drove in more runs during the 1960s than anyone else (page 20)






The two-time MVP who led the league in RBIs twice …  in each of his MVP seasons (page 76)









The All-Star outfielder who led the league in home runs at age 20 and had hit 104 homers by age 22 (page 200)







The career home run leader for the Seattle Pilots … with 25 (page 160)






You’ll read about performances that are hard to imagine, and impossible to forget …






The American League slugger who, during a six-game stretch, batted .500 as a home run hitter … 10 home runs in 20 at-bats (page 38)








The Triple Crown winner who led the league in home runs only once … in his Triple Crown season (page 92)







The outfielder who retired as #4 all-time in home runs … and #1 in dual-league MVPs (page 28)







The outfielder who averaged more than 100 RBIs per season during the 1960s … but never led the league in that hitting category during his Hall of Fame career (page 24)







The MVP third baseman who hit exactly 24 home runs … four seasons in a row (page 130)





Great players, great seasons … and broken-hearted hurlers.

You’ll meet …




The infielder who couldn’t win everyday playing time until four years after he was selected as Rookie of the Year (page 32)








The pitcher who hit the most home runs during the 1960s (page 142)








The Hall of Fame infielder who led the National League with 46 home runs and 142 RBIs in 1961 (page 54)








The outfielder who hit 475 home runs but never led the league … the only offensive category in which he never led the league (page 262)







The catcher who got a hit in his first major league at-bat … and a home run in his first World Series game (page 240)




Legends of Swing shows you why baseball in the 1960s was so powerful, and so entertaining.

Braves_TrioEnjoy the memories.








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