Stuart’s Big Bounce


This Week in 1960s Baseball

(August 19, 1963) Known for his brute power rather than his speed on the base paths, Boston Red Sox first baseman Dick Stuart hit the second inside-the-park home run of his career today as the Cleveland Indians beat the Red Sox 8-3 in Fenway Park.

Stuart didn’t do it alone. He had the help of a ladder, a wall, and the head of Indians center fielder Vic Davalillo.

On this day, Red Sox first baseman Dick Stuart hit two home run – one inside the park.

Stuart led off the bottom of the second inning and sent a towering fly ball to left field. Davalillo and John Romano – playing left field in this game – converged on the Green Monster, ready to play any carom off that wall. But as the ball came down, it hit a ladder on the Green Monster, ricocheted off the wall and hit Davalillo in the head, rolling past Romano toward the left field foul line.

By the time Davalillo caught up with the ball, Stuart was chugging around third base and scored, putting the Red Sox up 1-0.

It was a lead that wouldn’t last. The Indians scored four runs in the fourth inning and three more in the fifth. Max Alvis was the hitting star for the Indians with two home runs and six runs batted in.

Pedro Ramos (6-5) went the distance for Cleveland, scattering nine hits and striking out eight.

All of Boston’s runs came on solo home runs, including Frank Malzone’s 15th home run in the seventh inning and Stuart’s second home run of the game to lead off the bottom of the ninth inning.

Stuart’s second home run cleared the Green Monster.

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