The Ultimate Fan Guide to 1960s Baseball


One miracle opened the 1960s. Another miracle closed it.

Between Bill Mazeroski’s epic home run in the 1960 World Series and the New York Mets’ stunning upset in October 1969, it was a baseball decade of unparalleled excitement and drama, of record-shattering performances and unforgettable stars.

It was baseball at its best.

Power hitting versus power pitching. When complete games were routine for baseball’s best pitchers, and games rarely lasted three hours.

Inside The Ultimate Fan Guide to 1960s Baseball, you’ll discover …




The only pitcher to lead the National League in ERA five straight seasons.




The shortstop who was the first player to lead the league in home runs and win a Gold Glove in the same season.




The only player to win the Cy Young Award, the MVP  and the Gold Glove in the same season.





The first baseman who led the National league with 46 home runs and 142 RBIs and didn’t win the MVP.




The only pitcher ever to win eight games in the month of June.





The right fielder who won nine Gold Gloves during the 1960s … as well as four batting titles.





The last pitcher to win 20 games and bat .300 in the same season.




The third baseman who won five Gold Gloves and led all third baseman in 1960s home runs.




The southpaw who started his major league career by striking out the first six batters he faced.




The slugger who won the American League home run crown at age 20 (the youngest ever).





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The 1960s were when records were shattered without the help of advanced chemistry.

When there were no free agents or designated hitters, and beards were banned. When World Series games were played in the slanting daylight of October afternoons.

It was baseball at its best, with players who became legends (and deservedly so).




The pitcher who, in 1965, struck out 14 Red Sox batters in 6.2 innings of relief.



The 1968 American League ERA champion who struck out 19 Minnesota Twins in a 1-0, 10-inning shutout.





The shortstop who was the National League’s best hitter in 1960 … and its Most Valuable Player.




The A’s slugger who got 10 RBIs in one game in 1969.




The pitcher who won more games during the 1960s than anyone else … but never won a Cy Young Award.



The first American League shortstop to hit 40 home runs in a season.






Soft cover and Kindle editions available now from Amazon.




The Ultimate Fan Guide to 1960s Baseball takes you inside the game as it was played by Mays and Mantle and Koufax and Gibson … and their contemporaries (they had no peers).

It recreates the seasons, the teams and the players who made the 1960s baseball’s true golden age.

Inside its more than 400 pages, you’ll meet …




The fireballing pitcher who pitched back-to-back one-hitters in 1966.




The slugger who went on a tear in 1968, hitting 10 home runs in 20 at-bats in six consecutive games.




The pitcher who tossed two no-hitters in August 1967.




The knuckleball reliever who spent 21 years in the minors … and saved the 1964 pennant for the Cardinals.




The outfielder who won batting titles in each of his first two seasons.




The reliever who was the first pitcher to appear in half his team’s games.





The MVP shortstop who was the first major league player to steal more than 100 bases in a season.




The “Mudcat” who led the American League in wins and shutouts in 1965.




The veteran reliever who played for nine teams in 17 seasons … and led the American League in saves in 1965.




The Senators shortstop who turned the first unassisted triple play in 40 years.






The pitcher who averaged more than 250 innings per season for more than a decade (1957-1968).





The Orioles third baseman who won 16 consecutive Gold Gloves (and one MVP).




The only Dodger reliever to pitch in the 1963 World Series.


And more. Much, much more.


Enjoy the memories.




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Soft cover and Kindle editions available now from Amazon.